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* Master your Intuition Mentoring Program

I know when I did the 10 classes it was best money I ever spent in my life. It was completely life changing! This is a great deal! I will do it again when I'm done to learn more and remove more blocks! I also want say those who have kids that this also affected my son in a very awesome way through me!

Linda Newland Chicago, IL  2015




Loving and teaching, Jannette is a wonderful healer and teacher. Her energy is amazing.

    Erika Sokol - Chicago Southsuburbs November 2014



 Jannette is someone who you can recommend and be totally comfortable and confident. 

Tom Masbaum EFT Pracitioner, Advqnced




I've been to see Jannette several times and she has always provided me with the best guidance. I always leave her sessions feeling reassured, with much peace and more importantly clarity. I always look forward to meeting with her, regardless if I feel I need something specific or if I just feel like I need "something" .  I have experienced great changes in my life, all for the better, and have been able to understand and accept these changes with ease and contentment.  She has taught me so much, and I will be eternally grateful to have had the chance to meet her.

Cristina Herrera   8/25/2014  Illinois



Heart Opening Vibrational Healing Session by phone.

I was blessed to have had the opportunity to have a reading with Jannette thru a friend of mine whom scheduled this reading for me, in a time of crisis.  At the time of this reading I was in a resting space as I was ill all day.  I was completely drained and felt lifeless.  As we began working on my issues of grief I could feel my energy levels shifting as we brought up the pain and released it.  My heart felt heavy at first, and then as I released my grief I felt much lighter.  After about 5 minutes when the session ended, I started to feel a nice warm energy in my heart chakra again moving, whereas when we started, no energy there.  It has now been two days since my reading that I wrote this testimony.  I have noticed that now when I think of the person involved with the grief, that my heart has now a smile, instead of a frown, and no tears. I am so less attached to the pain and can look at my loved one with Joy.  Thank you Jannette, Namaste'!
Leslie Skopick 12/2/13 Chicago, Illinois



I went to Jannette for an energetic correction and an open heart session in October of 2013. This was done in the comfort of my own home, over the phone. This was a very valuable service! As soon as Jannette began to speak, I could immediately feel the energy moving inside me. My head became all tingly and I felt very relaxed and peaceful. Jannette has such loving energy and she is a natural healer. She easily can see the issue and can quickly help you to shift your own energy and begin to heal. Jannette is also an amazing teacher. She taught me about the importance of having an open heart. I have been to many healers in the past 10 years, and Jannette is by far, the most effective and she has such a beautiful spirit. She is one of those people that has such a bright light she feels good to be with. I can recommend Jannette, without hesitation. She has a beautiful unique gift that needs to be experienced!

Kelly J., New Lenox, Illinois





I have worked with Janette on Energy Healing Sessions and Reiki. She is absolutely fabulous and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. I first worked Janette during a chaotic transition in my life and had not experienced healing work in person. From the moment I entered her "healing room" I knew I had found the right person. Janette worked with me on my anxiety attacks and incredible sensitivity to others energy and I felt renewed. It was incredible. Additionally Janette has done Angel readings for me and I am always astonished that when she asks me a "tough" question about my issues I can CLEARLY hear my spirit guides answer. This NEVER happens when I am alone. I believe it is the incredibly sacred space she has created and her fabulous energy and healing abilities that have helped me become much more centered and happy." 

Julie Delgado 




I instantly felt a connection from the moment we met. Jannette took the time to explain what the session was going to cover. As we got into the reading, I felt so calm and relaxed as she spoke to my guides and told me what I needed to hear. She is extremely talented and blessed with an amazing gift! I have met with her several times; the access consciousness bars session was amazing! I could feel my “old tapes” just flying out of my body!

I will be a loyal customer for a long time."  

Joyce Slone



Thank You!

Hello Jannette, I am feeling so wonderfully "normal" after yesterday. It has been a loooong time. Yes, everything does happen for a reason. It is a blessing to know you.

Jill 4/26/13 Illinois



I would just love to share my experience of a HEALING session by phone with Jannette. I personally have been working on myself for years, decades....Since my child's birth, 13 years ago, I discovered my abilities to heal others (and myself) thru magnetism, just intuitively I started. But my own issues (very heavy past) seem to come up too often and paralyze me! Jannette is so intuitive, knows what question to ask and heal each issue as they surface, it was an amazing experience, a relief, a rebirth. I know I still have work to do (we ALL do and that till the day we die....) but what an advancement! My gratitude cannot be mesured, THANK YOU Jannette ♥ I highly recommend her wonderful healing sessions, she knows just what you need ;) 

Misha Ichikawa,  La Ciotat FRANCE  03/2013




Jannette is very gifted and a beautiful person. Her readings and healing work have helped me in many ways and I enjoy her classes too. Highly recommended!

Holly Gomez



 Who says all the good energy healers are on the North Side? We have them right here in the Southwest corner. Jannette is intuitive, kind and a gifted energy healer. She taught me Usui Reiki III and helped me to obtain my Masters. I recommend her to you without resevation.  Linda Ehlers MD





I feel truely blessed to know Jannette and I always look forward to her amazing Reiki treatments. She takes the time to ensure a very relaxed atmosphere and is very concerned with my every need. The positive, caring energy that she exudes really shows, even before the treatments begin. Her main concern is helping others and it is easy to see that she does this work because she loves what she does. She is extremely talented and blessed with an amazing gift. I am a loyal customer for a reason!!!

by Jason - Febuary 2012



 "I need to express my gratitude for Janette.  I had seen two readers prior to Janette and both left me feeling
dejected and annoyed primarily because that spent most of my reading trying to sell other services to
"save" my injured soul.  They wanted $400 for a spiritual intervention.  I declined of course.  I asked my
guides to direct my path and I happened upon Janette's website.  I felt immediately connected and
accepted unconditionally. 
Upon my first meeting I instantly felt as if we shared a common path.  The reading she provided for me was
informative, inspiring and most of all uplifting.  There were no judgements made of me and I felt
that I was ready to open all the possibilities my life had to offer.  Unlike the other readings which left me
feeling cheated, Janette provided me with useful meditation techniques tailored to my specific needs and
level of spirituality.
In addition I received a Reiki treatment which left me feeling joyfully peaceful.  This visit inspired me to receive
my level two Reiki certification through Janette.  The experience opened a new awareness within me and I look
forward to a continued spiritual relationship with her that is not based on drumming up unsolicited services.  Janette
provided me with the service I asked for and only explained her other services when I asked for further details."
Thank you Janette for guiding me in a truly spiritual way....
By Monica D.  April 2011



 "Perfect balance between intuition/spiritual wisdom/therapy. Ive been to see Jannette twice so far and she has been extremely helpful. She truly has a gift for helping others. I would highly recommend her"!

By Lotus/ Yahoo local search



Reiki Collage Energetic Healing with Aroma therapy oils

"I love the treatment and the service! I see the results immediately, it's also a peaceful place".

by Iliana R. March 12 2011



 "Wonderful session and different, She use essential oils and crystals, its feels like been in a day spa. Very relaxing".

by Nora on Sep. 29 2010