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Be in a state of allowing by removing blockages, fears, self-doubts, personal insecurities and negative belief systems.



Our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences create conditioning, energetic frequencies and energy shadows around our heart, and limiting beliefs that cause blockages and stop us from being our true self and from receiving. Many were programmed into your subconscious at young age. From the womb to around the age seven the brain is in Theta state. There is literally no filter during this time and we take everything in as fact. Open Heart Vibrational Healing will clear this blocks allowing you to actualize healthy relationships, health, a soaring career, unshakeable self-steem, etc .

Open Heart Vibrational Healing is an energy healing transmission/process that leads to deep personal transformation by going straight to the heart of the matter and subconscious mind.

  This techniques is a blend of different healing modalities, including Vibrational Healing, Open The Heart/Chinese Energetics, and Access Consciousness™.  

This combination helps create a potent system for eliminating the conditioning that prevents the optimal flow of heart energy, deleting and healing past issues and removing limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind. The goal of this work is healing and removing energetic blocks that hold you back, help people access 80-100% of their heart energies and return themselves to natural states, which is pure unconditional loving energy.  

Create an open space, an open heart so you can start living the life of your dreams with love, compassion, prosperity, abundance, and no judgment!

Clear, Delete, and Release:

- Pain     -Grief    -Depression    -Betrayal    -Fear /Phobias    -Anger    -Trauma    -Anxiety

-Low Self Esteem    -Prosperity    -Abuse    -Past life experiences  - Lack of self confidence  -etc.

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** Nuestras emociones, pensamientos, creencias y las experiencias del pasado crean sufrimientos, frecuencias energéticas y sombras de energía alrededor de nuestro corazón, limitaciones que causan bloqueos y nos impiden recibir y ser nuestro verdadero ser. Muchos de estos fueron programados en su subconsciente a edad joven. Open Heart curación vibracional borra estos bloqueos, lo que le permite manifestar relaciones sanas, salud, Carrera  exitosa, autoestima inquebrantable, etc.

Open Heart curación vibracional es una transmisión / proceso de curación de energía que conduce a la transformación personal profunda por ir directamente al corazón de la materia y la mente subconsciente.

Esta técnica es una mezcla de diferentes modalidades de sanación, incluyendo curación vibracional, abrir el corazón y la Conciencia Access ™.

Esta combinación ayuda a crear un sistema potente para eliminar el condicionamiento que impide el flujo óptimo de la energía del corazón, también la supresión y la cicatrización de las ediciones anteriores.
El objetivo de este trabajo es ayudar a las personas el acceso 80-100% de sus energías del corazón y asi poder entonces volver al estado natural, que es el corazón de la energía amorosa incondicional puro, al igual que los niños.

Crea un espacio abierto, un corazón abierto para que pueda empezar a vivir la vida de sus sueños con amor, compasión, prosperidad, abundancia, sin limitaciones y sin juicio!

Este proceso ayuda:

- Dolor, Depresión,  traición, Miedo / Fobias

-Rabia/Rencor,Trauma, Ansiedad

-Baja autoestima, abuso del pasado experiencias de la vida.

 Prosperidad, Falta de confianza en uno mismo-etc.

Sesiones por teléfono, Skype o en persona

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*For more information about Access Consciousness and meaning of clearing statement visit: 



 This is part of the process of  Open Heart Healing and it is only one part of much bigger picture in Opening Your Heart and accessing the infinite energy within.





Open Heart Vibrational Healing

$ 150.00 USD

1 hour session

Experience an Open Heart Healing Session

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30 minutes Open Heart Vibrational Healing

$ 75.00 USD

30 minutes session

Experience an Open Heart Healing Session

by phone, Skype or in Person





 Open Heart Vibrational Healing Packages 2014

Purchasing a Open Heart Healing Package is a gift to yourself and a commitment to your healing process.


3/ 1hr session Open Heart Vibrational Healing

$ 395.00 USD

Reg. $450 Save $55.00

(5 sessions) Open Heart Vibrational Healing

$ 600.00 USD

5 /1hr sessions

 Reg. 750.00 Save $150.00






 When you desire something from the bottom of your heart, then the entire universe will work for you to give what you want. The more you believe in the process, the more you will attract towards you.

~ Tejas Patel





 Access Consciousness Bars sessions can allow more receiving and dissipate some of the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic blockages that are keeping you stock.



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  Sessions by phone, Skype or in person.



 It matters not how long you've been stuck in a pattern that's kept you from fulfilling your highest ideal of yourself. By shifting so that you restate who you are in your imagination and choosing to live from this perspective, you will achieve that transformation.
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer





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