Open Heart Vibrational Healing

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Be in a state of allowing by removing blockages, fears, self-doubts, personal insecurities and negative belief systems.



Our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences create conditioning, energetic frequencies and energy shadows around our heart that cause blockages and stop us from being our true self and from receiving. Open Heart Vibrational Healing will clear everything that do not longer serves you.

Open The Heart (OTH) is an energy healing transmission/process that leads to deep personal transformation by going straight to the heart of the matter.

OTH was created by Paul Wong founder of the Art of Neutrality™  I use his techniques blended with Vibrational Healing and Access Consciousness™.  

This combination help  create a potent system  for eliminating  the conditioning that prevents the optimal flow of heart energy. The goal of OTH work is to help people access 80-100% of their heart energies and return themselves to natural states, which is pure heart unconditional loving energy, just like children.

Create an open space, an open heart so you can start living the life of your dreams with love, compassion, prosperity, abundance & no judgment!

Clear, Delete, and Release:

- Pain     -Grief    -Depression    -Betrayal    -Fear /Phobias    -Anger    -Trauma    -Anxiety

-Low Self Esteem    -Prosperity    -Abuse    -Past life experiences  - Lack of self confidence  -etc.

Sessions by phone, Skype or in person



** Terapia de Abrir el corazón (Open The Heart) es una transmisión / un proceso de sanación energética que lleva a una transformación personal profunda por ir directamente al meollo de la cuestión.
OTH fue creado por Paul Wong fundador del Arte de la Neutralidad
 Utilizo sus técnicas mezcladas con curación vibracional y Access Consciousness™. Esta combinación  ayuda a crear un sistema potente para eliminar el condicionamiento que impide el flujo óptimo de la energía del corazón. El objetivo del trabajo OTH es ayudar a las personas a obtener el acceso 80-100% de sus energías del corazón y volver a su estado natural, que es  la energía amorosa incondicional puro del corazón, al igual que los niños.

Este proceso ayuda:

- Dolor, Depresión,  traición, Miedo / Fobias

-Rabia/Rencor,Trauma, Ansiedad

-Baja autoestima, abuso del pasado experiencias de la vida.

 Prosperidad, Falta de confianza en uno mismo-etc.

Sesiones por teléfono, Skype o en persona

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  For more information about Paul Wong and his work visit:

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 This is part of the process of  Open Heart Healing and it is only one part of much bigger picture in Opening Your Heart and accessing the infinite energy within.





Open Heart Vibrational Healing

$ 150.00 USD

1 hour session

Experience an Open Heart Healing Session

by phone, Skype or in Person






30 minutes Open Heart Vibrational Healing

$ 75.00 USD

30 minutes session

Experience an Open Heart Healing Session

by phone, Skype or in Person





 Open Heart Vibrational Healing Packages 2014

Purchasing a Open Heart Healing Package is a gift to yourself and a commitment to your healing process.


3/ 1hr session Open Heart Vibrational Healing

$ 395.00 USD

Reg. $450 Save $55.00

(5 sessions) Open Heart Vibrational Healing

$ 600.00 USD

5 /1hr sessions

 Reg. 750.00 Save $150.00




(10 sessions) Open Heart Vibrational Healing

$ 1250.00 USD

(10/1hr sessions) Reg. $1,500.00 Save $250.00 (Intro) After May 1st 1,300.00







 When you desire something from the bottom of your heart, then the entire universe will work for you to give what you want. The more you believe in the process, the more you will attract towards you.

~ Tejas Patel




  Energetic Healing Package 


 4 sessions of 60min Open Heart Vibrational Healing, & 3 Access Bars session 

$950.00 Reg. $1,050.00 Save $100.00

Energetic Healing Package

$ 950.00 USD

 Energetic Healing Package


4 sessions of 60min Heart Opening Vibrational Healing & 3 Access Bars session

$1,050.00 Reg Save $100.00



 Access Consciousness Bars sessions can allow more receiving and dissipate some of the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic blockages that are keeping you stock.



For more Information and appointments Call 630-618-6621

  Sessions by phone, Skype or in person.



 It matters not how long you've been stuck in a pattern that's kept you from fulfilling your highest ideal of yourself. By shifting so that you restate who you are in your imagination and choosing to live from this perspective, you will achieve that transformation.
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer





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